Friday, May 2, 2008

The Pig

Here she is, Lola Curly the Pig - my first knitted toy. I wanted to make a toy for some time, but I never found the necessary motivation or time. Then my little girl saw a photo of this pig when I had it up on my computer screen and immediately took a shine to it. Needless to say, I got the motivation right there and then, got some yarn and voila, a pig was 'born'.

This was a very easy toy to make, requiring little sewing in general. I would definitely recommend it for a first-time knitted toy project. It is also extremely easy to adapt to knitting in-the-round, if you're so inclined. I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solid in Dusty Rose (just a smidge over 1 skein) on US size 4 needles. The resulting fabric was very stiff at first, but I was assured by a more experienced knitter that when assembled into a toy, it will become nice and cuddly - and it did - not a hint of stiffness. The yarn itself was OK to work with. I was not impressed with its immense propensity to snag. It was as if the snags appeared out of nowhere - and I did protect my knitting project from sharp, protruding objects and other such elements. As a result, the pig looks somewhat rough/rustic. Still, my little girl seems to like her new toy - she just got it this morning, but already has managed to bestow hundreds of hugs and kisses on this piggy.

Here is the link to a (free) pattern for Lola Curly the Pig. If you're a member of Ravelry, check out other knitters' interpretation of this pattern.


  1. ale swietna swinka..i jak perfekcyjnie zrobiona..warto jednak slonko do ciebie zagladac codziennie..mozna sie doczekac ciekawych pomyslow...pozdrawiam serdecznie i wciaz pamietam mila swa znajoma z

  2. Dziekuje, Aniu, za mile slowa. Ta swinka byla tak latwa do zrobienia, ze wlasciwie sama schodzila z drutow.